myPrint – Manual Installing the printer driver personal device

Manual Installing the printer driver on your personal laptop or home PC (Windows)

This manual helps you install the printer driver on your personal laptop or home PC (Windows)

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What do you need?

  • Your personal laptop or home PC with Windows installed.
  • A web browser and an active Internet connection.
  • Your UM username and password.

Please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the end of the manual in case you encounter problems in using the manual or the service.


Installing the myPrint driver:You can use myPrint to print documents from your own laptop or home PC. You’ll need to download a

driver for this only once and install it on your system. Please note that this step is only necessary for your
personal laptop or home PC, not for the (student) workstation.


  • Go to
  • Log in using your UM username and password.
  • Click ‘install printer‘ and then choose for the ‘32-bits or 64-bits’ button.
  • Install the downloaded file.
  • Open the Control Panel on your computer and select ‘Devices and printers’.
  • Right-click the installed printer ‘myPrint on http://…….myPrint’ and select: ‘Printing preferences’.
  • Click ‘Details …’
  • Enter your personal myPrint ID, which you will find on the white notepaper after logging in at the website’s ‘Home’ page. (Please note: the code is case sensitive!)
  • Click ‘OK’ twice. The myPrint ID is now activated and the myPrint printer is ready for use.

Please note

• You can install this printer on all your computers, so you can print from all of them.
• An additional authorisation step on the printer prevents others from releasing and printing print jobs. However, should someone abuse your account, you can request a new myPrint ID through the
myPrint website.
• If you still don’t see any print jobs in the printer, please make sure you have entered the personal myPrint ID in the driver.

All information about MyPrint is available on the website In case you have any questions please visit Servicedesk ICTS or contact us via or +31 43 38 5555.

Windows 10 Mocht de printer in Windows 10 niet verschijnen na de installatie/melding Myprint driver installed.Pak dan de installatie file uit met 7-zip en open het Windows installer packige mogelijk komt dan deze foutmelding (2x) hier kan op OK geklikt worden, de printer wordt dan toch geïnstalleerd.