myPrint – Create a MyPrint guest account

Manual MyPrint – Create a MyPrint guest account

Only create a Guest Account when you don’t have a Maastricht University account!

This manual helps you a Create guest account

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What do you need?

  • Private e-mail account

Please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the end of the manual in case you encounter problems in using the manual or the service.



Step 1:


Step 2:

  • Fill in your e-mailadres and choose your password.
  • Check mark I agree with the conditions
  • Click on create account
Step 3:

  • Close the confirmation page and open your mail account.
Step 3:

  • Ricoh send you an e-mail to activate your account, click “HERE” to activate your account.
Step 4:

  • Your account had been successfully activated and you are now logged in. Click Continue.

Note: Before you can send print jobs to the printer, you need to purchase credits or vouchers.
For more information check: MyPrint – Getting Started Step 2


Step 5:

  • Ricoh send you an e-mail with the login details, you need these to login to the printer and collect your print job.
Step 6:

  • Log in to the printer with the userID and password you received from Ricoh. And Click on “LoginNote: Always log out click the home button and choose ‘Logout

All information about MyPrint is available on the website In case you have any questions please visit Servicedesk ICTS or contact us via or +31 43 38 5555.