MS Windows 10 – VPN



Step 1:

  • Go to


Step 2:

  • Enter your credentials
  • Click on log in


Step 3:

  • The client will make an attempt to download.
    This will result in the message below.
Step 4:

  • Click on Windows Desktop
  • The installer will begin to download.


Step 5:

  • When finished click on Uitvoeren or Run
Step 6:

  • Click on next
Step 7:

  • Accept the end users license agreement


Step 8:

  • Click Install to begin the installation and grant acces in the User account control screen
  • The client will now install
Step 9:

  • You will find the Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client in Start > All programs > Cisco.
  • When started you need to fill in the server:
Step 10:

  • Click on connect and fill in your credentials
  • You are now connected


Frequently Asked Questions