MS Windows 10 – Remote Desktop

If you want to use Remote Desktop for connecting to your UM pc you will need to know the IP address or computer name of your UM computer.

The UM computer needs to be powered on and nobody should be logged in. You should also have Administrator rights on the UM computer.

If you cannot find the remote desktop application, select “Start” , “run” and then enter mstsc.exe.

Execute the following steps on your computer at home.

  1. Make sure you the VPN connection is turned on.
  2. Start Remote Desktop.
  3. Enter the IP address or computer name from your work computer.
  4. The login screen from your UM pc should now appear.
  5. You are now able to work on your UM computer.


What is my ip address of my UM computer?

Login to your UM computer before you go home and open the following link: