MS Outlook – Universal UM email server names

Universal UM email server names

This document informs you about the several other possible ways to connect to the UM e-mail service

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What do you need?

  • An e-mail client that can connect using any of the supported protocols
  • Username / Password for the mailbox you want to connect

Please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the end of the manual in case you encounter problems in using the manual or the service.

Table of supported protocols and server names

Server name
Port number


connection necessary?
IMAP 4 (secure) 993 Yes Loadbalancer
UM e-mail
POP 3 (secure) 995 Yes Loadbalancer
UM e-mail
No POP will not be activated on personal mailboxes.Exceptions can be requested for resource accounts in combination with specific third party applications.
Activesync 443 Yes Loadbalancer
UM e-mail
RPC / Exchange native 443 Yes Loadbalancer
UM e-mail
Yes (but will change in the future)
SMTP (non-secure) 25 No Postfix SMTP Yes When using SMTP outside UM please use the SMTP server from the ISP

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MAASnet connection? A connection to the UM network. This can be achieved by connecting your computer to the fixed or WiFi network at any of the UM locations, or by connecting to UM’s VPN connection.