MS Outlook 2016 – Manual Calendar Permissions

  1. Open Outlook on your computer
  2. Open your calendar (click on the bottom left calendar icon, next to the mail icon – if you use the right click, you can also open your agenda in a new window)
  3. Go to the Calendar Permissions icon on the top bar
  4. The following pop-up will appear on your screen:
  5. Click on the Add… button that is above the Permissions Level.
  6. The following Add Users window will pop up:
  7. Search and add ucm-staff-l and ucm-secretariat-l. Double click or select and click on the Add-> button
  8. The Add Users window will close automatically, revealing the Calendar Properties window. Select ucm-staff-l to choose permission level from the Permission Level dropdown menu, select ‘Reviewer.’ Select ucm-secretariat-l and choose ‘’Editor.’

As Reviewer, your colleagues will be able to see all items in your calendar, except for the ones that you have marked as private. Depending on your agenda management needs (i.e. if Sharon needs more access to your agenda to schedule meetings for you) you can grant certain colleagues more access

Please note that you are entitled to your privacy and sharing your agenda with your coworkers is thus not obligatory. However, you can also mark items as private – the details of these appointments are only visible to you and the people you have invited to the appointment.

9. The previous window will close and now you have set your permission preferences. If you want to assign certain colleagues different permission levels (like your direct co-workers), you will need to go back to step 4 and subsequently step 8.

Private appointments:

When you create a new appointment or when you open an existing item, you can make it private by clicking on the Private button at the top right of the toolbar.