Instructions for Using 7-Zip to Encrypt Files

7-Zip is a free file compression program that also allows you to encrypt and password protect the files you compress.
You can compress multiple files I  nto a single archive file.  For someone to open an encrypted file created with 7-Zip that
person will need to have 7-Zip or a compatible program.

Make sure you are using the latest version of 7-Zip. Download it at the following link: http://www.7-zip.org/

To compress, encrypt and password protect files using 7-Zip follow these directions.
1) Go to the start menu and under programs find the 7-Zip folder and click on 7-Zip File Manager.


2) You should get a window similar to this:

7-Zip may not default to the folder that holds the files you wish to compress.  If that is the case then you will
need to go to the address bar (circled above) and, either type in the directory you want or navigate through the
directories by clicking on the down arrow all the way at the right of the bar.
3) When you have navigated to where the files you want to compress are located you will need to select the files.
If you want to select a contiguous group of files you can first click on the first file you want to compress and then, while holding down the shift key, click on the last in the group.  That way all the files in between are also
highlighted.  If the files you want are not contiguous then hold down the control key while clicking the files you
want.  Once you have chosen the files you wish to compress click on the add button which appears on the upper
left of the window as a large, green plus sign.  A dialog box will appear that looks like this.

A. See A in the above screen shot. Under “Archive:” you can name the file created through the
compression/encryption process.
B. See B in the above screen shot. To the right of the text box under “Archive:” is a small box with three dots in it.
If you click there you can choose the location of archive file created by 7-Zip.
C. See C in the above screen shot. To password protect the archive file created by 7-Zip you must choose a
password and enter it twice in the text boxes beneath “Encryption.”
D. See D in the above screen shot. If you do not want people to see the names of the files in the archive before
entering the password check off the check box “Encrypt file names.”  If you do not check this off the file names
will be visible before 7-Zip requests the password.
E. See E in the above screen shot. Then click the OK button.

A new file with the name you chose on the Archive: line will appear in the directory you chose there as well.  If you
double click on the file, you will be prompted for the password.

4) Sharing encrypted files: If you email an encrypted file or files, you should send the password in a separate email
message or call the person with the password.