Endnote on Macbook

This manual is for mac users who have any problems downloading Endnote X9

  1. Download Google Chrome.
  2. Go to http://software.maastrichtuniversity.nl
  3. Follow the steps again of downloading Endnote.
  4. Download the marked file.

When the download doesn’t work, look at your top right for pop-ups and accept that. (Next to the bookmark star)

  1. Double click on the endnote install (And press open when it asks you).
  2. Click next/yes until it starts downloading and updating.
  3. Open Endnote.
  4. Endnote should give you the X9.2 Update. Download and Install this.
  5. Click next/yes until it starts downloading.
  6. Open Endnote and click on ignore this or cancel.


Endnote should now be ready to use!