Android – VPN

VPN connection in Android

Samsung Galaxy tab 4 Android K

This manual helps you set up a VPN connection to the UM

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What do you need?

  • An Android device
  • A Google Play account

Please consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the end of the manual in case you encounter problems in using the manual or the service.


Step 1: Open Play Store (the Google App store)

  • Tap the “Play Store” icon on your tablet


  Step 2: Search for the Cisco Anyconnect App

  • Search for “cisco” in the App Store or Click this link for a direct download.


Step 3: Open the App

  • Open the App by tapping on the App icon
Step 4: Configure the App

  • Tap “Connection”



Step 5: Configure the App (2)

  • Tap “Add New VPN Connection…”


Step 6: Configure the App (3)

  • Tap “Server Address”



Step 7: Configure the App (4)

Step 8: Configure the App (5)

  • The Server is added
  • Tap “Done”



Step 9: Configure the App (6)


Step 10: Activate VPN

  • Check that the connection selected is “
  • Tap the switch to the “On” position to start the connection



Step 11: Log in

  • Log in using your UM username and password
  • Tap “Connect”


Step 12: Accept security warningA security warning will pop-up asking your permission for the Cisco AnyConnect App to make a VPN connection

  • Tap “I trust this application”
  • Tap “OK”


Step 13: VPN ActivatedVPN will now be activated. You can verify this by the “key” icon which is displayed in the top bar of the tablet.

This icon will remain visible as long as the connection is active.

You can quit the app by clicking the tablet’s Home button

You can disconnec