Zwingelput 4 – 1.041a

To turn on the system read the manual carefully.

You can control the TV in the room with the AMX controller mounted on the wall.

Step 1. Press ON If you want to turn on the system.

Step 2: Press the icon corresponding to your choice. (Vaste PC, HDMI or Display Port. There is a cord for each button, we define that later in this manual).

Volume is very simple.

VOLUME UP = increase volume.

VOLUME DOWN = decrease volume.

Just make sure that you don’t turn up the volume when there is no sound whatsoever. Otherwise, when the sound goes on, the volume will be really loud.

VGA: Insert your VGA Cable there to connect to our PC/Laptop.

Audio: Insert your audio Cable to connect the PC’s audio.

HDMI: Insert your HDMI Cable to connect to your PC/Laptop.

Display Port: Insert your DP Cable to connect to your PC/Laptop.


When you are ready to turn the system off. Just press off on the AMX controller and pull out the cable you inserted.