TK Gebouw Z – 0.013 + Mobile TV’s

When using the HMDI cable

Instruction will follow!

When using WePresent

Official WePresent Video instructions:

Connecting with an Windows computer

Connecting with an Apple computer

Connecting with an iOS Device

AirPlay with WiPG-2000

Manual WePresent Tapijn Kazerne Building Z

  • 1080P Live streaming not supported by WePresent
  • Audio to multiple screens not supported by WePresent

How to use the WePresent:

  1. Turn on the TV with the remote control * See figure 2.
  2. Select the HDMI source by clicking Source * See figure 2 à HDMI PC
  3. The following screen appears * See Figure 1:
  4. Download the MirrorOP application from the link below :
  5. Start the MirrorOP application.
  6. Below are the instructions for the Mirror Op application for Windows:
    • Click on the configuration wheel in the top left corner.
      • Select “voorkeuren / options “.
      • Select “favorieten / favorites”.
      • Select “stndrlijst: favoriten.
      • Close the configuration screen
  1. Enter the IP address of the TV or TV’s you wish to connect with:
    • wP-DKE-master01 –   
    • wP-DKE-sl01 –             
    • wP-DKE-sl02 –            
      • You require a code to connect with the TV; this code can be found in the top right corner of the TV.
  1. When the TV’s are added, click on the Star icon behind each WePresent in Mirror Op to save them on your favorites list.
  2. Select an individual TV or multiple TV’s and click on “verbinden / connect “.

Note: The Star icon and connect button are only visible when you hover your mouse over the WePresent

Note: Audio will only work on the first TV that you connect with. The audio will not work on the 2nd or 3rd TV you connect with. Video will work fine on all TV’s.

  1. Click on the (arrow up) symbol.
  2. The Play button appears. Click play.
  3. You can now start sharing your screen.
  4. After you are done sharing, turn the TV off by pressing * See figure 2 on the remote control.

Figure 1

Figure 2