TK Gebouw Z – 0.011 (Lecture Room)


Room 0.011 located on the Tapijnkazerne Gebouw Z contains two beamers. Each beamer can be controlled separatly by the buttons on the lecturer desk. There are buttons to:

  • control the wall screens (up/down)
  • beamer on/off
  • video selection (vga or hdmi)
  • control lights (on/off/dim)
  • turn microphone on/off

The sound devices are always on. There is not switch to turn them on or off without access to the lecturer desk.

The lecturer can view his actions on the monitor that is attached to the desk. The monitor is controller by a computer that is located in the desk. The doors to the computer are open and the computer needs to put on manually. It is also possible to attach a USB drive to this computer.

Another option is to use your own device. Connected your device with an VGA cable or HDMI cable to the HDMI or VGA connector on the desk. Make sure you use the VGA/HDMI selection button to use the right video channel.

Please take a note to the quick reference manual below:


The desk also contains a WolfVision – VZ-8plus4 visualizer. This device needs to be connected to one of HDMI connectors on the desk. The device is also connected by USB to the computer so that it is possible to take snapshots or record video’s with the visualizer.

You can download the official manual here.

You can download the official software here or use the following mirror for Windows 7 x64 software.

Snapshots & Live recording

Start the vSolution Link software by double clicking on the icon on the desktop.

The software will detect the WolfVision.

Right click on the detected device and select “Live Preview”.

A connection will be established with the WolfVision.

By pressing the snapshot button (camera logo) it is possible to take a snapshot of the WolfVision. It will be stored on the WolfVision internal memory. Please don’t store it here, because the memory is only 16mb.

If you have a USB drive, please put the USB drive in the back of the WolfVison and select “USB” to switch to USB memory.

You can change the compression of the pictures by pressing on the left button besides quality. In the screenshot JPG is visible. This could also be BMP.

It is much easier to take a snapshot by right clicking in the Live Preview and selecting save as. Now you can easily save the snapshot to the computer.


Another option is to record the actions of the WolfVision by selection the tab “Video” and press the button “Start” to start recording. You can stop recording by pressing the button”Stop”