KAP2 – 1.009

How turn on and use the video installation?

1. Touch the AMX Touchscreen.

2. The AMX touchscreen will now light up.

3. Press on “System on”.

4. Select “PC/Laptop” to start the built-in computer. The beamers and the computer will automatically start up. If you want to connect your laptop to the system, just use the VGA+audio / Displayport/ HDMI on the desk. It will automatically select the laptop as primary source when one of the cables is connected.

5. It is possible to have only one of the beamers on. Just select “Project Off” to power off the beamer. The button on the left will disable the beamer on your left (with your back facing the beamers). The right button will disable the beamer on the right.

6. Light, Audio and Curtains are additional options. Light controls the rooms lightning. Audio gives you the possibility to volume up or down the sound or enable/disable the desks microphone. Curtains will let you control the black curtains, up or down.


Turn off

1. Press “Projection off” to turn off the beamers. Press “System off” -> “Yes”  to turn down the complete system.

2. Shutdown the computer in Windows. This will not happen automatically.

Cable types:

(Note: colors can deviate, so please take a look at the shape!)